The Team walking with Ken Watson, 3x Brier Winner. 1959 Scotch Cup  
  The team performing for Willie Yorn at the 1959 Scotch Cup.  
  Richardson throwing antique curling rocks in Scotland.  
  1959 Scotch Cup.  
  Acceptance speech for the 1963 Scotch Cup.  
  Ernie at a Dinner at the Sports Hall of Fame in 1980.  
  Richardsons with the 1960 Scotch Cup.  
  Ernie with Eartha Kitt and Team Sweden.  
  The team at Elsa Craig Granite holding curling rocks in the making.  
  The US team, Ernie, and Willie Young.  
  Ernie attempting to play the Bag Pipes.  
  Ernie shaking hands with mayor.  
  Chuck Hay, Ernie Richardson and event organizers.  
  Ernie giving a speech at dinner.